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The Sheree Woodard-Mason Scholarship opens December 1, 2021; however, no closing date has been issued at this time. The closing date will possibly be late Spring 2022.
Scholarship funds for the Sheree Woodard-Mason Scholarship will be mailed to the recipient's school 4-6 weeks after being awarded as a finalist.
We tutor in a number of subjects, such as Chemistry, Biology, Math (Calculus, Geometry, Algebra, etc.), Professional Development (Resume help, Personal Statement help, etc.), Writing service, and many more. However, our tutoring program is still under construction and should be available within the coming weeks.
Visit our shop and choose the supplies that you are in need of! Keep in mind that the maximum amount of items you can receive is unlimited, but you can only get 3 products per item. To receive more, simply fill out our form at the bottom of your cart before submitting your cart. If you reside in Birmingham, AL, please contact us before completing your order! There will be no shipping fee for Birmingham residents.

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